A community support and learning membership.
Portafortuna is a wisdom and oracle membership where you have access to numerous courses and experiences rooted around tarot, writing and ancestral connection and regeneration. 

Portafortuna also holds a monthly live community call for all its members. 

The purpose of this membership is to offer you high-quality learning experiences through courses I’ve created over the last decade at an accessible monthly rate. 

Once you join you will have access to a classroom with all the courses. You can do them all at your own pace. There is a spectrum of learning experiences via PDF content, prompts, videos, and recordings. 

Within Portafortuna there are:

9 tarot classes 
2 writing immersions 
4 ancestral reconnection courses and experiences. 

These classes are the bulk of my body of work, and is about 2 years of coursework. 

The membership fee, which is monthly, and includes are beautiful monthly community calls is $50/month. 

You can cancel at anytime. 

The courses that are included in Portafortuna are:

What’s in there: 

* The Death Sessions
* The Tower Sessions
* The Justice Sessions
* The Moon Sessions
* The Devil Sessions
* The Empress Sessions
*22 : a pratice
*Collective Protectoin
*Chi Siamo: caves, volcanos, salt
*Ancestral Alchemy 
*Grief As Ancestor 
*When the Forest Sings Back
*Flesh and Bone 

You will be charged monthly for your membership, and you can cancel at any time.

Thank you so much for your support and devotion to the arts.


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