A community support and learning membership.
Portafortuna is a wisdom membership where you receive 8 courses I have created (6 tarot classes and 2 writing classes) over a 9 month period.

The purpose of this membership is to offer you high-quality learning experiences through courses I’ve created over the last 6 years. While you receive 9 months of learning, in return you are giving me the financial support I need to finish writing my book.

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Once you join, you’ll enjoy a new course every month delivered to your inbox. The tarot courses involve diving deep into some of the major arcana cards. The writing courses are an invitation for you to cultivate and express your voices using prompts around your own life experiences.

Each course is anywhere from 7 to 14 days long. You will get one course a month.

The courses that are included in Portafortuna are:


* The Death Sessions
* The Tower Sessions
* The Justice Sessions
The Moon Sessions
The Devil Sessions
The Empress Sessions


When The Forest Sings Back 
Flesh + Bones 
Ancestral Storytelling: inviting our ancestors to write through us

You will be charged for 9 months, and that is the extension of your membership.

You will also get sneak peek snippets of my book as I complete them, as well as a digital copy of the final draft before it’s published.

Thank you so much for your support and devotion to the arts.


Notes From Wherever You Are

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