Ancestrally nourished and poetically fertile practices for longing times.


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Ancestrally nourished and poetically fertile practices for longing times.


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I’m MaryBeth, I’m a writer, mentor, and ancestralist.

My writing is spellwork that sews itself into somatic fabric. I write for the collection connection and change shaping.

I am here to support and tend to you during liminal times and spaces, to practice in the name of collective liberation for everyone.

And that means everyone -- human and more than human. By any means necessary. And these means are both intense and simple: let’s show up together, for each other.

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My devotion is to the chthonian realm—the dirt and even under that. All that grows and holds spirit. Every question, answer, love affair, creation, and death myth begins underground inside the very cells of the soil.

My devotion is also to the body. To the wild. To the creative. To each other. To shifting our narratives.

My approach is sensual and creative. The soil is sensual and creative. Magic is sensual and creative. The body is sensual and creative. Prayers and spells and our stories are sensual and creative.

You are sensual & creative, too.

Let's remember this, together.


Marybeth Bonfiglio is a master of creating and holding spaces. She does not so much present you with the knowledge to learn (though she has a wealth of that, too, which she shares generously), as to create a space that enables you to find the knowledge you need within yourself. She has led me in writing, traveling/pilgrimage, ancestral remembering, spellcasting, prayer, crafting, and somatics, and every time I have gone deeper and created more vividly than I ever could have on my own. Each encounter with her is ritual: she builds sacredness and meaning into every element of her offerings. They serve as rites of passage that allow participants to develop new understandings of their lives and attain transformation.

- Vanessa Sinno Haack, writer, educator, mother.

No human is trash. Trash is trash, and it collects in the oceans and takes forever to go away. Humans decompose and become soil. All bodies are worth the rite to become more human and decompose with dignity.

I invite people to come exactly as they are as we all prepare to be engaged with wild living as we decompose back to soil.

I am devoted to sitting with everyone in their grapple with love and death.

I’m not a coach. I am not a healer. I am not a therapist. I am an artist. But I joyfully take part in libratory counsel and conversation. I can’t promise change, but then again, what doesn’t change?

I gather people at tables, on mountains and in the cozy spaces of our homes.

The containers of wisdom-remembering that I curate are non-hierarchical and non linear.
I’m a practitioner. I practice with those who answer the call to sit and work with me. I teach like a holon. I do not gatekeep or pull rank. This is a dance where we all learn to lead and follow. Where we all sense in, and sense out. Kinda like the hokey pokey, ya know? This is how we (un) learn together.

Learn how you can gather with us in the heart of Sicily.

Radici Siciliane
Mostly I want folks to live like each day is their last. Like there is a volcano overlooking them. Like everything could be gone in a second. Like love is the most important thing we breathe.
Let’s breathe, make, ritual, write, and connect radically, remembering together.

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