Fall back in love with writing again.

This seasonal writing immersion is a self paced fall and winter retreat where you can slow down, sink into the dirt and the body, and fall back in love with writing.

There has been so much work these last 2 seasons of spring and summer. This is probably the same for you. Whether it’s job, parenting, taking care of elders, taking care of life in general - the world is moving fast and asking so much of us.

Have you felt the speed of change lately? Does it seem like time never allows for restorative creative space?

It’s been hard for me to fall deep into practice for the last 6 months. And practice really is everything. 

I was born a writer. How do I know this? Because it’s all I ever wanted to really do ever since I knew there was a thing called pencil and paper. And letters. And words. And I immediately began “spelling” — and haven’t stopped. 

I also know that no matter what you are “born into” as far as passion and gifts, what your purpose is — none of it matters unless we practice it. The thing that makes it real is practice. Practice is how we not just “get better” but how we get to know ourselves, our voices, our ways of being, our magic, our healing. 

Once the heat of late summer starts to sizzle in some early Autumn rains, I begin to slow down and remember. I remember writing for my body, writing for my mental health, writing for connection with the inner worlds. Writing as personal, spiritual, creative, magical practice.

So, this season, I am falling back into love with writing, and maybe this is something you are ready to do, too.

Even if you have not fallen out of love with it, or fallen at all - I am here for some seasonal writing immersions.

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Let’s immerse ourselves.

I have created 20 days of writing (and life) practices, prompts, videos, to hold our space and keep us falling in love with the seen and unseen worlds — within and without. 

There are 2 separate 10 day workshops that make up the seasonal immersion. So you can spend ten days immersing yourself in one, and then move on to the other, or you can mix it up depending on your mood. 

When the Forest Sings Back

This 10 day writing immersion is about listening, co-regulating, and becoming with the wild, with nature, the soil of our soils and the language of the trees. So often we write with nature as a backdrop, a way to describe a place. But what about when nature becomes a character, or an instigator, a spirit for you to write the deeper wisdom within you? What about going and talking to the trees, the plants, the rocks as mentor and listening — and writing what comes through? What can happen when you sing to the forest and the forest sings back to you? And the song you create together is a beautiful writing experience?

Flesh & Bone

Writing can really be in the head. But Flesh and Bone is a writing practice to take you from the head to the body. To write the stories of the inside – cellular, fascia, organs, blood, bones, marrow, skin. Much like When The Forest Sings Back, instead of listening to the wild outside, you are spending time listening to the wild within. The wild body you are. What are the stories that want to run through your veins? What words dance down the fingers? What is the prose of your heart? What is the lyric of your lungs? What is grief’s take within? What is the song of sex and love lingering in your hip?

Both courses include:

  • video and written content that arrive at your (digital) doorstep as soon as you register 
  • some suggested reading for the seasons
  • somatic practices / relational practices with your body and your bio region.
  • very simple, yet very to the point prompts to  play and have a word adventure with
  • support and space to write 
  • a community space to share and reflect with others in the course
  • a live call on November 30 at 12:00 pm EST where we gather together to share our words, process, and connect on how writing is keeping us present to what is happening in our spaces (physical and energetic).  A recording will be available for those who are unable to attend.


The cost to register for this writing immersion is $50.

Note: You will have access to course materials and community until March 1, 2024. There are no refunds on digital products.

Register for the Immersion

This writing immersion is for the love of art.

It's for anyone wanting to sink into creative writing, spend more time listening and writing authentic prose that is both channeled through the body and what grows from the soil, around you.

You do not need to be an experienced writer at all, but if you are, this is also a chance to sink into the moment and all for expression, without pressure — for pure pleasure, inner conversation, and for the sake of making art. And for the sake of opening your lives to allowing your voice to create art; as offering, as prayer, as poetry, as prose, however it may unfold. 


MaryBeth has an MFA from Antioch University in Creative Nonfiction.