sfincione {a special pizza from Palermo}: ancestral eating for the seasons.

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2018

My Zia (aunt Pina) had creamy, flawless skin, silver white hair, and bright blue eyes. She looked nothing like what someone from Sicily "looks" like. That's because Sicilians don't look like anything. They are 2000 year mix of so many different genes from so many different places. There is a saying that comes out of the mouths of elder's in Sicily when a new baby is born: what carnagione do they have? Or. What is their skin tone? Not to pass any kind of judgement -- but because they are truly fascinated by their own genetics - their own spectrum of who they are. In the States - Aunt Jay was always seen as "so beautiful" "the pretty one" - and of course she was to me but not for the same reason's I think other's talked about her as. I always wondered if she was this light skinned, light eyed, light haired woman in a sea of darker folk - and that became the standard for beauty in the New World. 


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