As we enter spring, we want to engage with the fire. 

We have been in the cold earth, the cold waters, the strong winds. 

Now we can embrace the flame.

Light up, and learn the passion stories from our ancestors of fire. Be in creative action.
Invent some changes. 

Our practice now is with: 


Does your body need some attention, in a simple, ritualistic way?

Do you want to honor the changes of the coming season?

Are you feeling the need to sink in, root down, and be guided as the elementals shift?

Does an early morning tarot, movement, sounding, ritual, and writing practice make you want to exhale and just sit on the floor and begin?

Does for me.

If you have been neglecting your own personal practice and  thinking you might need a little support, or feel you don't have enough time, or whatever that keeps us away from who we are and what we need –it really does not have to be hard to reclaim it.

The older I get the more I realize that the roots, the simple roots, are the most powerful for nourishment.

The world needs me more awake. The world needs me not to fall asleep. The world and the people around me, the spirits around me, ask me to practice being more attuned, more aligned, more ready to know what to do, and how to do it. My body asks for attention. The land asks for connection. I need clarity. I really need some clarity.

I need to wake up with a little fire in my belly. 

I want to open my heart to the the possibility of spring. 

 I want to wake up more and more to the subtle energy that continues to move through me.

I want to become a better oracle, witness, space holder, witch — for myself and those in my community and beyond.

So I need to get on the floor, in the morning, and begin.

I’m inviting you to join me. I believe when we do magic together, it is more potent. And more fun. And easier to show up for.

So, come along?

come along with me

WANDS: a practice for entering spring.


We will be working with WANDS in the tarot deck, moving from Ace of Wands to 10 of Wands (we will be saving the royal cards for another time). Wands is: 


Every morning we will spend time with each Wand card from Ace to Ten. 

We will also spend extra time with ur fire element, but still invoke all the elements. 

This is a witch's morning practice.

The kind of witch that knows the connection between body, fire, smoke, water, spirits, expression. The kind of witch that knows coming together with the elements and the oracle and honoring the body / land — is where our magic is born, or continues to live. The kind of magic that listens to what longs to be seen and held.

We will begin:

  • in ritual with smoke and fire and water, as we sense the land that holds us (burn herbs, light a candle, be with the water)
  • gently moving our bodies as a prayer and offering to our body altars, and the land under us. Alchemizing the old narratives within us. Moving them through and to the soil.
  • spending time with one card of wands contemplate, sense into, honor, invoke, and write a little bit in our journals.
  • closing with gentle love for the body, the smoke, the fire, the water and pray for the new day.
  • this will be for 11 days this time around— going through each card/oracles until the rhythm is completed. You’ll learn a lot of yourself and connection to these cards.


March 9-19, 2024,
6:15-6:25am EST

THIS WILL BE RECORDED. Come if you want. Or just wake up and be with the recording. There is no obligation to attend live, and when you can, you are welcome.

The recording will be posted and available as soon as we are done. So, you can roll out of bed, and be with the recording when you need/want/as soon as you wake.

**The recordings will not be available after March 30th. 

What will you need?

  • Your body
  • A journal and pen
  • Candle and something to burn (incense or a plant)
  • A glass of water
  • A place to sit on the floor
  • Tarot cards (but these are not entirely necessary — if you don’t own them it’s ok)


This is donation based. Please donate what you are able. Suggested donation begins at $22, but less or more are welcome and appreciated.


the prayer

May we create space.
May all beings be well and free.
May our magic alchamize ourselves and beyond.
May we recognize the oracle within and without.
May we remember who we are.