create a word raucous. break the rules. let's just make art and write.

step out of your own way. understand writing is a practice. it is important. it’s fun. it’s healing. it's intuitive. it's wild. it's a goddamn riot. it comes from your heart. from your hip. from your womb. from unnamable places. from pain. from beauty. from truth.

write because you want to know something about yourself and the world, or write to know nothing. your life makes the stories. your voice brings them through.

a little about me:

i’m kinda wild. and a hyper creative. i have been writing consistently since i was about 5 years old. then i went to school for writing (and philosophy... i know, so employable!) and i became a freelance journalist and a marketing copywriter for big businesses and non-profits. and then i wrote for music industry and got to go out all the time and get drunk and dance and write. then i went to more school for writing and to learn how to "teach" writing.

(you know what i learned in 6 years of going to school for writing? to hell with school for writing. that shit is expensive.)

so then i dropped out of school in the final hour {literally} because a sweet baby girl was growing inside me.  shortly after the first one came, i had another baby girl. it appeared to me that i wasn't ever going to finish my third degree and instead decided to become a mommy blogger. {just typing that makes me laugh uncontrollably.} i started “misplaced mama” in 2005 and wrote about life and how i saw things. i wrote about being a parent, about spirituality and sex and magic and the ocean and food and the body. stuff like that.  then i had ANOTHER baby girl. soon after her arrival i went to midwifery school. because birth totally floored the fuck out of me and i needed to know more, i needed to be a midwife, of some kind. it was training to be a midwife where i learned the most about holding space and teaching. it was here that i learned what it looked like to trust a woman to find her voice and literally birth Life. the ultimate creative expression. i learned about being intuitive and listening with my whole body. midwifery school informed how i now "teach" which isn't teaching at all. it's being a mirror. it's telling stories. it's sharing the magic. it's staying out of the way. it's assisting when needed. it's showing up. 

in 2010 i  began creating courses and writing workshops. i published a really gorgeous print magazine. i wrote a screenplay. i founded our word: a collective guide to intuitive writing, which was a mindblowingly awesome course on allowing writing to just happen, straight from the gut and the hip. i wrote more and more articles in my personal style, and less in the way i was taught to write. i learned lyrical lines birthed organically. i learned my true voice was the way to connect with other people. that Voice was a direct route to someone’s heart, including my own. i learned that trying too hard was dumb. and not being exactly who i was, as a writer, was harmful to my soul. and did nothing for anyone i wished to serve.

my writing is far from perfect. i am not the smartest or most clever one in the bunch.  i'm not the best speller. and i hate writing rules. but i love to write. i love to share my voice. and this all happened while i stopped waiting to be "better" to do it. it started when i just decided to begin.

how i lead wordshops:

i am not going to teach you. i am not going to critique your words.  i am a guide and firekeeper and storyteller. i meet you where you are at.  we will talk about truth, how it reveals the depth of your bones, the weight of your blood. we dive into alternative universes and mine the brilliance of *your* voice. we create a lot of space and time to write. practicing writing is the main goal here. this is the vision. to create. so mostly this is about writing. but also, it's a lot about living. and sharing what we see and feel.

i am gentle, but trust me, i will kick some ass if i have to. it only stings a little. promise. process can be annoying, painful, uncomfortable, ecstatic, boring. but writing is process. writing is experience. writing is a journey. and the point isn’t a finished product {that’s definitely some frosting on the cake, for sure}. the point is to find joy and surrender in creation and release. i'll bet a million dollars you already know how to write really well. mostly likely you are amazing. but you may not have the confidence. and you may feel worried or scared about the stories you want to share. but there is such a powerful explosion of magic in the mystery when we untame ourselves, untame our words, untame our beliefs. and we allow whatever is meant to be said, to just come out.

writing doesn't have to be your job. but for this circle, i want it to be your mission. your vision. your art. and that is enough. more than enough.

if there are things you think you aren't allowed to say, say them anyway. one thing this wordshop is that it will be is a safe place to be exactly who you are. as a matter of fact i will not tolerate you being anything less than who you are. 

the deal:

Each online wordshop is 5 weeks long. Because intimacy and trust are crucial and essential in this process, each wordshop is only open to 15 writers who:

  • want to be writing more or deeper, but aren't.
  • want space and support to process and explore
  • want to play with depth of voice
  • are ready to pay a little more attention to their creative process.
  • think they are horrible writers. think that they don’t know how to write. think that nobody would ever read their writing.
  • love to write and think they are totally amazing and just want some community and guidance and a place to enjoy writing together.
  • don't care about being a writer or not, but just want a space to create.
  • get totally caught up in the “good enough” syndrome 
  • want to untame the writer heart within
  • need inspiration
  • is interested in tapping into full on creative expression

I am beginning by offering two sessions this summer/fall.


Session 1: September 19-October 17 

Session 2: November 1-November  28

cost: $207 per session, paid in full

{$220 when you pay in 3 payments}

only 15 spots available for each session

Each session includes:

  • weekly group video call. 60ish minutes {so 5 total}. they’ll be recorded in case you can’t make it. Expect a guest for some of them. i have super cool writer friends* who are utterly untamed and riotesss and amazing and loving and true. 
  • a living prompt for the week that you will work on daily
  • a writing prompt for the week that ties into the living prompt that you will work on daily.
  • a secret FB group to share your writing. i will visit their daily.  here we will explore the living questions and conversations around writing. here you can get naked, bitch, share words, cry, tell secrets, ask questions, get intimate, get real, be kind, make all kinds of messes. pass on a curry recipe. talk about the best book ever. this circle is intimate + confidential. 
  • feedback from me on ONE piece of your writing.
  • 3 PDFs around storytelling branding, intuitive writing, writing blog posts + publishing.

how sessions flow:

*week 1: it's fucking scary. and so we begin. what is the one thing that scares the hell out of you? what makes you hold back on your truest voice? what are the stories you tell yourself that feeds fire to the fear?

*week 2: voice lessons. what does our voice sound like? a 70 year old man who drinks gin and smokes cigars? a pegasus singing? the ocean at night? your heart on fire? a whisper? a scratch? let's talk about voice. and what it means when we connect it to our muse.

*week 2: story sessions. what so you want to say? how can you write without needing answers? how can you write just by asking amazingly lit up, burning and alive questions? why are you here? why do you breathe? what makes you sweat? what can you taste on your tongue in devotion? you know. let’s ponder the big and little stuff.

*week 4: okay. we have pondered enough. stop giving a fuck. let your writing be riotous. let it be you. let it just be formed. all of it. {this is where i kick your ass a bit}. i won’t let you back down. i won’t let you be polite or nice.

*week 5: pratical things. the delicious art of going back and revising and re-writing. you will have a beautiful formed piece {maybe even a few} to hold, share, publish, be in love with, burn. whatever you want.


  • this is a wordshop about practicing.
  • this is a wordship on listening + seeing + paying attention + loving.
  • this is weaving life + practice + culture + fire into your work. 
  • personal creative process.
  • not caring anymore + caring so much you might burst in two.
  • shaking things up a bit. order is nice and all. but i prefer one brilliant word riot.

I prefer the immaculate beauty of untamed art.


If you are looking for more one-on-one work, you can include 1-hour long writing sessions with just you and me.  The total cost for this option + the 5 week workshop is $350

Sign up for Session 1: Click Here to make a one-time payment of $207

Sign up for Session 1 PLUS an hour one-on-one with me: Click Here to make a one-time payment of $350

Sign up for Session 2: Click Here to make a one-time payment of $207

Sign up for Session 2 plus an hour one-on-one with me: Click Here to make a one-time payment of $350


Sign up for payment plan for session 1: Click Here to make your first payment of $100 {and 2 more payments will be invoiced in the coming months}

Sign up for payment plan for session 2: Click Here to make your first payment of $100 {and 2 more payments will be invoiced in the coming months}