Our Lady of Liberated Love

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Our Lady of Liberated Love


The only kind of love is the liberated kind. The kind that allows for death and re-birth, endlessly trusting all the in-breaths and out-breaths. The kind of love that you sit at the feet of. And listen to. The kind of love that is the master of our soul. No chains. Nothing tame about it. It is devotion and desire and pleasure and it's wild like the earth. It is the love of the self, the kind that ripples out into the world, like fire, like water. It activates. And it heals. 
It changes. It's alive and untethered. It's whole and it's true.

This strand holds that story. Along with
:Ethiopian resin beads
:italian onyx
:Mary of Magdalene amulet
:flue de lis center piece from France

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