Enna, Sicily

Enna, Sicily

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3 readings + ritual + protection amulet done in tradition Sicilian ways on sacred Sicilian land, just for you

In May I travel to my ancestral land, on my father's side, to write.

I am going to spend a month, laying down some things in the earth.
floating things away in some salt water.

listening to the women within me. all of them. listening to what they want. 

finding my grandmothers. practicing de-colonizing my DNA.

listening to the land that these women belonged to, cared for, drew from, for hundreds of year, or longer

receiving Persephone's island under my feet, stumbling inside rites of passage that were lost to me. lost through immigration and assimilation. 

feeding the hunger and thirst for connection, culture, and elders.

asking what i can to do to give back, to return. to relieve trauma, to be more vulnerable and open hearted and tender with all the deep and fleeting grief of being a human, that longs to belong. 

restoring connection to my relations. restoring connection to myself. restoring connection.


I am doing a very limited {only 3} ::: special offer:::

readings/rituals/amulet making that will be done on my pilgrimage.



1. A personal reading will be done for you ancestral land, the land where my women practiced traditional folk magic and healing. This reading will be photographed and recorded in the moment and sent as soon as I am back to wi/fi. This reading, depending on the spot you choose, the energy and messages of these vortexes will be midwifed through with the guide of my cards.  We will have an in-depth conversation before I depart so I know exactly what you seek- this reading will be respectfully held just for you.

2. I will do a ritual, a releasing or an invoking, a custom that comes straight from the culture I am part of. Depending on what location I am in, I will use only nature materials and pay honor to the powers of that land, and of the people who have cared for it as long as we know. 

3. I will gather, with permission, sacred material matrix and items to create you an amulet- in my tradition they are called brevi bags - filled with the medicinal plants and special protection straight from the island. This will be sent to you as soon as I return back to the States. 

coastal Sicily.

coastal Sicily.

Location and ritual will vary depending on your needs, what you seek, what your medicine might be.

Maybe it will be at the temple of Demeter and Persephone, the one that is pre-Greecian. Right next to where my Grandmother was born. Near a lake where blood rituals took place in honor of the feminine. 

Maybe it will be done at the temple of salt, against the white sand and ancient sea. 

Maybe it will be done in the middle of an Ash Groove with Manna, the indegionous and magical nectar, hanging from the bark of the trees.

Maybe it will be at the base of the fire goddess herself, Mt. Etna. This is my first stop, where I will ask permission to do this work, to be on this land, and to be guided. It will also be my last stop. Where I offer up my thanks and all the teachings I have received. 

You get to choose. 


This is really a fundraiser, to finalize this book project. I am asking that the minimum donation begin at $350.  If you find this to be worth more to you, and that you want to support this book writing in all the ways you can, please feel free to donate the number that feels right to you. 

:: only three are available :: this "benedita" {sacred blessing} is imprinted with love for you. from me, from my grandmothers, from all the grandmothers, and from the island of Sicily herself. xx

magic for you
Rock of Demeter + Persephone, the actual spot where Persephone went to the Underworld + Demeter had to let her daughter go::   Enna, Sicily:: birthplace of my grandmother.

Rock of Demeter + Persephone, the actual spot where Persephone went to the Underworld + Demeter had to let her daughter go::  
Enna, Sicily:: birthplace of my grandmother.

The Island of Sicilia holds so much ancient magic. The ruins of temples, where women gathered to honor the earth and the Goddess for thousands of years, still remain. The mix of culture {Sicilians are truly a beautiful blend of Middle Eastern, North African, Iberian, Norman,Grecian, and more} make the language and the food, the spices, the medicine, the people - so unique. The people, who I am told, care more about slow eating, connection, and family, then they do about success or networking. The calling I have had to go back here, to my grandmothers and grandfathers home, and write about what that means to me, a memoir of sorts, a walking path back home, has been with me for 17 years.  I am finally saying yes.

And I know that I will become the deep and mysterious magic of this island, and I hope I can gather some and offer it to you.

 I am in deep gratitude for your support.

In the name of holy things, 

MaryBeth xx 

magic for you