22: a modern mystery school

:: for those birthing the ancient future ::

A 5 month tarot gathering in exploration + devotion to uncrossing the disconnect to our innate and intuitive wisdom.

We walk the path of the 22 major arcana cards to re-weave relations to the mysteries, the earth, each other, ourselves and our work in the world. 

>>What is a modern mystery school<<

Traditionally, a mystery school is a group of initiates devoted to protecting the ancient mysteries. They were known as the Guardians, the Teachers, the Healers, the Magicians, the Midwives, among many other names. They gathered, learned, listened, taught, built temples of honoring, and were 100% devoted to the well being of all - the health of the individual and the collective wellness were intertwined as one.

Marybeth is both a badass and an alchemist, both a fire-starter and a magical being that walks through this world with pure grace. She is a goddess, and walks on this earthly plane with a deep embodiment of the mysteries of the Tarot.
— Elle North

>>WHAT IS 22: a modern mystery school<<

22 stands for the 22 major arcana cards in the tarot deck. These cards are the 22 secrets or mysteries of the human/spirit/consciousness.

The container for 22: a modern mystery school is live transmission//journey with these 22 cards // symbols // archetypes // mythologies. The 22 cards will be at the center of learning and will spiral out to the edges into many other teachings, including plant medicine, spiritual midwifery, grief work, ancestral wisdom, seasonal shifts, astro-herbalism, meditation, and movement. We will enter the realms of all 22 mythologies - from The Fool to The World.

22 is an exercise in intuition and *teaching as being*, not teaching as presenting information, but as being an embodiment of ourselves and our innate wisdom.

22 will be a practice in exploring our relations with Earth, each other, and most importantly, ourselves, our magic, our medicine, our calling as a protectors and guardians of what has been forgotten.  22 is a modern mystery school created for those who hold the ancient and intricate system of ancestral wisdom, storytelling and intuition. It is for the wise ones,  in perpetual training, no matter your age.

22 is about getting real, to do things without plans and agendas. It's a place to transmute, together. 

22 is the act of trusting the innate and complex intuitive system we have, it is an act in living connection; to self, each other, the earth, and all that lives and thrives beyond what we can see.

This mystery school is a breathing exercise in storytelling, in liberating oneself from the stories we have been told and stepping into the recreation of the stories we must tell, the ones that will create our ancient future. 

We use the cards to guide us over the threshold to these stories.

We will be entirely led by the alchemical elements and the 22 cards, by my own practice, and the woven connection I have with you. We will listen for what is needed, what is calling, in each moment, and we will respond from there.

22 is a non-denominational and radically inclusive space.

22 is liberation :: we will re-write, and re-write again, the stories of the tarot, the cells, the mitochondria. 
We will re-write what needs to be re-written.

This is an intimate circle for those who are strongly called to explore their personal work using the cards as a guide.


>>Who are you?<< {besides awesome}

*You are the collective KEEPERS OF THE ANCIENT FUTURE.

*You are the grandmothers in training.

*You are ready for an intensive journey through re-defining and re-mything archetypal tarot work.

*You feel the holes of devastation created by Empire {the patriarchy, white supremacy that has diseased the land and creatures} and want to blow sacred smoke into them.

*You are moved by suffering, in awe of beauty, and seek deeper awareness of our own powers.  

*You are ready to uncross the curses on the lunar, intuitive, transmissive magic that is our Rite.

*You seek to root deeper to the center of your power, to awaken your seek razor sharp and salt water soft intuition

*You want to learn more tarot, and pass on and re-tell stories of an ancient system of communication.  

*You want to be fully guided by your intuition, to become more potent, and more of service to others.

*You are ready, like The Fool, to leap +  embody what is next.



You are beyond ready to continue to decolonize spirituality and your DNA

Marybeth’s wisdom with the tarot is beyond anything I have ever experienced. She invites the alchemical truths of intuition, insights, and knowledge into an experience that is both soul shaking and heart awakening. I cannot recommend this light bearer enough.
— Thais Sky

How 22 works:

*Weekly group/live transmission phone calls: 
 This will be the fruit/flower of this experience.
Each phone call will be spent exploring an archetype and myth of on of the 22 major arcana cards.
This card will be chosen intuitively on the woven needs of the collective
. These phone calls will be recorded and if necessary, transcribed. There will be meditation, ritual, card calling in, storytelling, and group / individual readings. In these calls I will be led by intuition and the basket of teachings that have been passed down to me. We will go deep into the card. We will unravel our stories. We will devote the entire process to the power intuitive + body intelligence.

One 2 hour long 1-on-1 call between you and I, scheduled within our 5 months- which will include personal readings and the space for whatever you want/need/to unravel. 

*Weekly themes and prompts: 
   We will travel one card per week, and practice telling it's story, in all the ways the body is called to. It will become our guide.In the days following our call, you will receive "assignments" around the card. You will practice storytelling. 

*Allowing for the order of the cards to choose us
As a mystery school, our job is to dig deep into intuition, to allow for openings and teachings to arise, and to follow the path of The Fool. We will allow the card to chose us, and trust, as woven community, that is the magic we all need, together, all the while, remembering we all are not experiencing the same thing.

*Our calls will be done through Zoom conference and all other content, including medicine from guest teachers, will be uploaded in dropbox for ease weekly and monthly.



22 beings::  January 31, 2018 {the time of mid-winter} 
22 completes:: just past June 21st {the threshold of the summer solstice}.



*$200 per month for 5 months. $200 will be automatically withdrawn when you register. The next $200 payment will be automatically withdrawn on the same day as your initial payment for the next 5 months.


I'll be in full presence for each weekly call. I will hold the space close and brave and will allow for all your wailings for the world, all your brilliance, your joy, magic + intuition. I will share my medicine with you, which is a spectrum, but the most high is my storytelling and midwifery skills. Your stories will be held close, ones that are born from the cards, you will be honored exactly where you are - as you unlock them. I will be the bringer of the questions. 


Our commitment to do the work.  We are coming together to weave a new and ancient future. To be the ones. The protectors. The keepers. The mystery holders. Both dying + birthing. The quantum midwives. We carry the old + new stories, now what?
Our openness is of essence. 
Our intense desire to slow down and listen is crucial.
The practice of feeling held and guided by earth is 100% necessary.

*Scholarships are available from partial to full. Please do NOT hesitate to inquire at triumphmind.words@gmail.com*


>>Registration is open now. It will close on January 5, 2018.<<
>>There will be 22 spots total open to keep the space intimate.<< 


Click here for some words about them.

I’ve never met anyone that embodies, understands and teaches the tarot like MaryBeth. She teaches the tarot intuitively and in a way that allows you to form your own relationship with the cards and unearth the deep truths that lie within. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and it’s the reason why I only choose to learn from Marybeth. With Marybeth’s guidance I have been able to deepen my intuition practice and connection to myself through being skillfully led to develop my own intimate relationship with the cards. She’s the only tarot expert I recommend and consult.
— Lisa Frabega

Mystery Schools, in general, are for those hearing a deep call. 22 is a calling; are you ready to go deep, go slow, trust, and have a very intimate and tightly held personalized experience, an apprenticeship of sorts, with me, and with Mystery? If so, I am excited to do this work with you.




I am mother raising three daughters, a writer, an intuitive and a medicine maker. I'm a Sag Sun with a Scorpio Moon and an Aquarius Rising. I was born on the Winter Solstice- and I have a distinct ability to navigate the underworld and dark spaces while carrying the torch of light. I have been trained in the worlds of quantum and birth midwifery, grief work, homeopathy, traditional tarot, yoga+meditation and plant medicine.

I am a worshipper of nature ::of Earth::. I come from Mediterranean {which is loaded} + Eastern Europe ancestry and my culture was traded in to be raised on stolen land of the Seneca Nation, and now live in the glorious Pacific Northwest, gratefully rooting in both Coast Salish and Chinook Territories. My teachings come from my grandmothers - those of blood and those who have always surrounded me; the mountains, the trees, the sea. I have sought out and learned the traditional ways of my ancestors and hold them as sacred seeds, as a descendant of the ancient Lucana And Sicani tribes, I live in remembrance and apology. My people's ways are called both Stregoneria + benedicaria.  I have also been unschooled by gracious human teachers who have generously given me time and energy in guiding me to own my medicine.

I am a teacher, and by that I mean I hold space for those who also want to be the medicine. I am here for that, fully committed and devoted. Because hope is an action. Because we all come here with deep medicine. I do not believe in surface level bullshit. I do not have any answers but am fully prepared to float in the dark ocean of questions and let mystery be the lifeboat. I am happiest and healthiest when on my daily practice of forest walking, plant communion, folk magic, cooking ancestral foods {all to the sounds of early 80's dancehall reggae}. Keeping the ancient ways of witchery alive is my style of smashing the patriarchy. I am here to fall apart with all of you, to let our magic compost into the Earth, so we can collapse and be held. And to also midwife a new and ancient future, together.  I am honored to guide you through a mystery school. I am honored and grateful.



More than a school, this is a living ritual, a prayer, a way of traveling the path together, learning to trust the ramble of mystery. It is a dance in following the dark of the unknown, to activate the humanness in us that can embody and become living balm, soothing love, keepers of the realness- to the present and future generations.

We {still} are the wise ones. This does not need to die. It cannot. I am doing this because of that. Because I want us to have a whole, rooted, just, connected, and healthy ancient future. But I don't do it because I expect that outcome. I expect nothing.  I do it because there is hope in action, subtle and big magic happens, whatever it may be. I am willing to go there, and hold space for this, however it is needed.

So may it be.